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Google SpreadSheet Crypto Currency Tool

This tool allows a user to keep track of their crypto currencies on Google Docs with out disclosing their credentials. This makes it a fantastic tool to use to give you an idea what is happening without risking your fortune on unsecured networks.

How to Use

1) Firstly, open Then sign into your Google account.

2) In the google spreadsheet, go FILE>Make a copy... and creat your own copy of the spreadsheet.

3) Open the new copy and its ready for you to enter the amount of each coin you have.

4) To update prices go DataCollection>Update Prices, Note the first time you must give the app permission to edit the spreadsheet then run it again.



LTC: LdyKhY8KjLUDVtx1MLWdf2fBvgRMWgDtFb (min of 0.1 LTC)

FTC: 6hB5TN8o4RJER4FajVCt4hRnF6o8rNVH7w (min of 0.0001 FTC)

NMC: NEzi95qKW75bJmRfLMFt2C1xYxef7GCrKT (min of 0.0001 NMC)

NVC: 4aYeXVz5VCkEMEK6Go9dqCuBmZJLSz9j5G (min of 0.0001 NVC)

PPC: PQA81PnuyYrSHMhRyTuQpndvHsHgD6XS5R (min of 0.0001 PPC)

XPM: AKjTL33qAgSU66rrjAQmQGLPZNkz7NGXju (min of 0.0001 XMP)