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AlcCalc is a simple Android app built in App Inventor that allows the users to easily tell how much alcohol they are getting for their money.

The perfect companion for a good night or university student.

Avaliable on Google Play for FREE!

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AlcCalc Logo AlcCalc Logo



LTC: LdyKhY8KjLUDVtx1MLWdf2fBvgRMWgDtFb (min of 0.1 LTC)

FTC: 6hB5TN8o4RJER4FajVCt4hRnF6o8rNVH7w (min of 0.0001 FTC)

NMC: NEzi95qKW75bJmRfLMFt2C1xYxef7GCrKT (min of 0.0001 NMC)

NVC: 4aYeXVz5VCkEMEK6Go9dqCuBmZJLSz9j5G (min of 0.0001 NVC)

PPC: PQA81PnuyYrSHMhRyTuQpndvHsHgD6XS5R (min of 0.0001 PPC)

XPM: AKjTL33qAgSU66rrjAQmQGLPZNkz7NGXju (min of 0.0001 XMP)