Crypto Currency Tool v3

The Crypto Currency Tool Version 3 out now. New changes include support for more exchanges and an arbitrage sheet.

UPDATE: Now with more exchange support, arbitrage and better looking update price button.

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Google SpreadSheet Crypto Currency Tool Version 3

Version 3 of the Crypto Currency Tool has many improvements over version 2. It now has an arbitrage feature as well as support for more exchanges. As always you can use this tool without disclosing any credentials other than your Google account. This makes it a fantastic tool to use to give you an idea what is happening without risking your fortune on unsecured networks.


Arbitrage table, Note: this does not include fees from the various exchanges and check the values to ensure you will profit.

New better looking Update Prices Button

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AlcCalc is a simple Android app built in App Inventor that allows the users to easily tell how much alcohol they are getting for their money.

The perfect companion for a good night or university student.

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